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Nordic Trust Fund: Desk study on development, fragility and human rights

The Nordic Trust Fund (NTF)is a $20 million multi-year, multi-donor facility under the supervision of a Bank-wide Steering Committee. It supports a program to help the Bank develop a more informed view on how human rights relate to the Bank's core mission of promoting economic growth and poverty reduction. 

This study will provide the NTF with a concise summary of the state of knowledge of the interface between human rights, development and fragility, drawing on a range of resources including academic sources and grey literature on international experiences across different types of interventions. The study will aim to provide recommendations for development practitioners working with fragile and conflict affected situations regarding good practice and best fitstrategies in relation to human rights.


Andrew Norton, Lisa Denney, Marta Foresti, Siri Gloppen, Clare Ferguson, and Leni Wild

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  1. Development, fragility and human rights

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