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Methodological Support and Training in Aid Delivery Methods

ITAD are designing and coordinating a seminar on Agricultural and Rural Development for delivery to EC staff from 9th – 11th November 2009 in Brussels as part of the Methodological Support and Training in Aid Delivery Methods (MSTADM) programme. The participants will be officials from delegations and in Brussels working with the rural poor, agricultural sectors, economic development, agro-industries and agricultural development policies.

The MSTADM programme aims at improving the quality, and in particular the effectiveness, of aid modalities - projects as well as programmes – by enhancing stakeholder capacities. The programme focuses on capacities for design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EC-financed projects and programmes.  ITAD Ltd has been contracted to coordinate the preparation and facilitation of this seminar. ODI Research Fellow Steve Wiggins has been commissioned to contribute to delivery of the programme.


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