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Mental health study of children and young people in Vietnam

Vietnam’s economic transformation has seen massive investment in physical infrastructure while sectors aimed at social development, such as health, have received relatively little attention. With increasing pressures of uncontrolled urbanisation in a largely rural country, mental health problems are increasing rapidly. Given 23 per cent of Vietnam’s population are under the age of 15 years, and children and adolescents often face challenges in accessing quality health care, there is an urgency to understand their mental health needs.

ODI has partnered with the Institute for Family and Gender Studies and the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences to produce an overall picture on the situation and causes of mental health issues – including suicide – of children and young people. Findings and recommendations on how to address the issues will be used as evidence to advocate for improving mental health care for children and young people which is not currently a priority of government programmes.

Target audiences are policy makers, and people who are in close contact with children and young people such as social workers, teachers, health workers and parents. 


Nicola Jones, Taveeshi Gupta

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