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Measuring the economic benefits of competition - an application of the Competition Assessment Framework

By undertaking cross-country comparisons, this project seeks to address the following two research questions:

  • How do different aspects of the policy framework (such as the existence of a competition authority, degree of state ownership, openness to trade etc.) affect the degree of competition present in a given product market?
  • How does the degree of competition present in a given product market affect market outcomes such as prices, choice, innovation and exports?
The objective of the  project is to:
  • Produce stronger evidence of the affects of competition in developing countries, which could potentially be used to help to build support for pro-competition reforms;
  • Draw conclusions as to how policymakers can most effectively promote competition; and
  • Produce and disseminate recommendations for policy in relation to the specific markets and countries analysed, working closely with policymakers, regulators and competition authorities (where they exist) in each country.

The project will also provide an opportunity to pilot test the Competition Assessment Framework, with a view to refining the methodology.
Rohit Singh