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Life Histories for Chronic Poverty Research

The aim of this project is to pilot the collection of comparative life histories in two countries (India and Kenya). The data collected using life history interviews and a number of other qualitative techniques will be complemented by the analysis of panel data. The first stage of the project will involve the analysis of a household panel survey in each country. After this, a medium-N sample of households will be selected (clustered in a limited number of communities) for follow up interviews using the life history approach. In each community a range of focus group discussions, key informant interviews and participatory research exercises will be conducted to provide a contextual understanding of the community. The full data set will be explored for country level and cross country understanding of the determinants of exit from chronic and intergenerational poverty. It is hoped that the pilot will result in the refinement of the research instruments to enable additional countries to be added to the dataset, increasing the possibility of multi-country cross-country analysis.


Andrew Shepherd, Kate Bird, Martin Prowse

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