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Interim Evaluation of DFID's Assistance Plan for Latin America

The project is aimed at undertaking an independent evaluation of the DFID’s Regional Assistance Plan for Latin America, which was implemented in 2004 and defines DFID’s approach to poverty reduction in the region. The evaluation will examine the delivery of the programme and the quality of its implementation, as well as assessing the organisational context, staffing, procedures and inputs. The final draft will be oriented to: 1) assisting programme staff improve the design and implementation of the programme and respond to new institutional challenges and 2) draw out the wide implications for DFID from the Latin America RAP experience for the way we tackle donor harmonisation and influence the International Financial Institutions. In addition to review of documents provided by DFID, field work will be undertaken in Washington, Nicaragua (Central America), Bolivia (Andean Region) and Brasilia.
Enrique Mendizabal, Lauren Phillips