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Impacts of cash transfer programmes for Syrian refugee families in Jordan

Five years into the Syria crisis, Jordan is hosting more than 650,000 registered Syrian refugees. The humanitarian and development sectors have mounted a large-scale and laudable effort to meet the needs of Syrian refugees in Jordan. The UNHCR-UNICEF cash assistance programme is one such response.

The ODI Social Development team have been commissioned by UNHCR and UNICEF to carry out a social assessment of the effects of this cash assistance on the multi-dimensional vulnerabilities of Syrian refugees in host communities in Jordan. It had four objectives: (1) to evaluate beneficiary spending patterns and their impact on family well-being; (2) to evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of UNHCR’s cash assistance and the UNICEF Child Cash Grant (CCG); (3) to evaluate the complementarity of (as well as gaps in) programming by UNICEF, UNHCR and the World Food Programme (WFP) in targeting the most vulnerable groups; and (4) to provide feedback on monitoring and data analysis processes.

In partnership with King Hussein Foundation Information and Research Centre of the King Hussein Foundation, a literature review was conducted, followed by qualitative and quantitative surveys with beneficiaries of cash assistance in Amman, Irbid, Zarqa and Mafraq.


Fiona Samuels, Nicola Jones, Jessica Plummer, Catriona Foley, Ingrid Gercama