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Identifying and responding to barriers in sanitation and hygiene promotion in developing countries

This project studied sanitation and hygiene policy and programmes in three countries in sub-Saharan Africa - Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)and Burkina Faso. Differences between sanitation challenges in urban and rural contexts are exemplified by the principal focus in Madagascar and Burkina on rural settlements, and the focus of the local study in DRC on (two) urban localities.

The research is a preliminary ‘scoping’, study, using relatively rapid research methodologies with the intention of identifying the kind of factors that hinder or support evolution of the sanitation and hygiene sector, and highlighting key issues arising - including questions which would benefit from more detailed research. The aim is to provide preliminary practical pointers for responding to factors which hinder development of policy, thereby encouraging more support to sanitation and hygiene promotion policies and programmes in future.

Research partners
The research was carried out jointly between ODI, who took the lead at national level, and Tearfund partners, who implemented the local level research, both with the assistance of a national researcher in country.


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