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Partnering for a localised humanitarian research agenda

Humanitarian policy research agendas lack a diversity of viewpoints, reflecting the concerns of donor governments more than those of affected populations and local researchers. Researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in countries facing humanitarian situations rarely benefit from the same opportunities and resources to influence global humanitarian policy as those in donor capitals. HPG believes that repositioning these voices as key drivers of research agendas will provide valuable and nuanced inputs for reframing global policy discussions.

HPG and the Neem Foundation in Nigeria will work together to amplify Neem’s research and policy priorities through a co-designed research project. Along the way, HPG will take forward and share lessons for more equitable partnerships and research practices across our work. The research will be underpinned by core questions that relate to how HPG can foment a more equitable humanitarian policy research agenda in partnership with local researchers, and how such an agenda might change the questions we ask, the outcomes we achieve, and the policy issues we prioritise.

HPG and Neem’s research centers on the motivations and interventions of humanitarian actors involved in conflict response. In Northeast and Northwest Nigeria, humanitarian actors have a key role in conflict prevention, mitigation and de-escalation, alongside existing community and government structures. Following elections in 2023, the research will explore the interaction between these response initiatives and how humanitarian actors can best complement existing, locally led efforts.

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