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Human Development Report 2009 – Internal Migration and Human Development in India

Human Development is about putting people at the centre of development. It is about people realising their potential, increasing their choices and enjoying the freedom to lead lives they value. Since 1990, annual Human Development Reports (HDRs) have explored a range of critical challengers from poverty, gender inequality, human rights, and cultural liberty, to globalisation, water scarcity and climate change.

Migration, both behind and beyond borders, has become an increasingly prominent theme in domestic and international debates. The 2009 Human Development Report (HDR) proposes to address this theme, exploring the movement of people in expanding human capabilities and entitlements, as well as where risks are posed to human development.

Research for the 2009 Human Development Report will look at various thematic issues as well as at a number of country studies. The paper on Internal Migration and Human Development in India will review the impact of internal migration on human development, and will identify policy recommendations and successful practices in the context of India.