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HIV/AIDS and education

In 2009 ODI was commissioned by UNAIDS Inter Agency Task Team (IATT) to undertake a stock-taking exercise on research on HIV and education, within the parameters of the aims and objectives of the IATT (as outlined in the IATT Strategic Approach).  ODI produced a report from this work titled the "Quality of Evidence Assessment for Literature Considering the Impact of Education on HIV and AIDS".

Following on from this work, ODI was commissioned again to formulate recommendations for the improvement in HIV & AIDS and education research, based on the initial stock taking report. This research identified gaps and weaknesses that lie in the focuses, design, methodologies, presentation of findings, analyses, conclusions, recommendations and communication strategies of research in HIV & AIDS and education.  

The resultant document will serve as a practical guide for ensuring the quality of research, and target primarily at researchers and research institutions, and those involved in reviewing and selecting research proposals and papers for funding and publications.