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GroFutures: groundwater futures in sub-Saharan Africa

This project, led by the GroFutures team, will develop the evidence base and methodologies to enable the identification of future hotspots of groundwater depletion where demand may exceed available resources. Pilot studies will be conducted in Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania.

Project objectives:

  1. Develop an inter-disciplinary, pan-SSA consortium of experienced and knowledgeable physical and social scientists to prepare a consortium research proposal and resolve suitable project study sites;
  2. Quantify and characterise projected changes in groundwater demand in Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania relative to existing estimates of resources availability;
  3. Review groundwater management and governance structures in Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda identifying potential barriers and ways forward to sustainable management policies; and
  4. Quantify and characterise projected changes in groundwater supply from recharge in semi-arid Tanzania and humid Uganda and upscale results to other regions of SSA.


Josephine Tucker

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