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Government resource allocations to the social protection sector

This research is intended to gain an empirical understanding of the cost and affordability of social protection provision by examining real case studies, taking into account the implications of the range of commitments in the social and other sectors made by developing country governments, and reviewing the budgetary implications of these multiple commitements, and the fact that this may lead to commitments which exceed budget availability.

The proposed research will examine the overall resource picture at the national level and will aim to develop a more informed policy and advocacy position by donors, and encourage joined up thinking which examines affordability across a range of sectors.

The objective will be to promote cross sectoral fiscal analysis in relation to the attainment of a range of development goals, including the MDGs, and an integrated approach to the assessment of the fiscal feasibilty of the pursuit of multiple development objectives, and the trade-offs this may imply at national level.


Karen Ellis, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Rohit Singh