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Financing for resilience


Hero image description: Community loan and repayment schedule. Mumbai, India. Photo: Simone D. McCourtie/World Bank

Financing plays a key role in the implementation of international agreements including the Paris and Addis-Ababa Agreements, the Sendai Framework as well as the Sustainable Development Goals. The sources of finance, the mobilisation of resources and efficient use of available financial means will be critical to realising their objectives within a multiple hazards context.

These financial flows, mechanisms and tools to support climate resilience economic development will also be crucial to achieving broader social, ecological and economic co-benefits.

Our work focuses on all financial flows, mechanisms and tools contributing to climate resilience and adaptation, considering other sources disbursed alongside climate finance.

We aim to build understanding and support the use of funds and the implementation of financial mechanisms and tools to reduce poverty and strengthen adaptation in a context of multiple risks.