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Global Donor Platform for Rural Development - Knowledge Pieces

The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (Platform) is a network of 30 bilateral and multilateral donors and international financing institutions that share a common vision of the role agriculture and rural development plays in reducing poverty.

Three Platform Knowledge Pieces (PKPs) have been commissioned:
  1. Agriculture and policy coherence: tracing the inconsistencies between evolving agriculture and rural development policies and the parameters of the Paris and Accra Declarations;
  2. Volume and structure of donor finance for food security and agricultural development;
  3. Strategic role of private sector in agriculture and rural development.

These Knowledge Pieces will contribute to improving knowledge on the selected themes and strengthening the Platform’s advocacy for more effective agriculture and rural development assistance. They are expected to produce generic and globally applicable recommendations and lessons learned to inform and guide policy makers and practitioners in the delivery of assistance in agriculture and rural development and advance the debate. PKPs are also expected to be relevant for the development and implementation of partner country strategies. Specific target groups for these pieces are donors and other stakeholders that are engaged in developing country rural development programmes at political and technical levels.


Lidia Cabral, Steve Wiggins, Henri Leturque, Jim Sumberg, John Howell, Geraldine Baudenville, Liesbet Steer, Heidi Tavakoli, Samuel Moon, Mike Wales, Bill Vorley, James Docherty, Emily Darko, Rohit Singh, Karen Ellis, Matthew Geddes, Julia Compton

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