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Gender, vulnerability and social protection

Social protection is an increasingly important approach to reduce vulnerability and chronic poverty. Despite strong evidence on the different ways in which men and women experience poverty and vulnerability, there has been little attention on the role of gender in the implementation and effectiveness of social protection programmes.

New research at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is reviewing the extent to which gender inequality is reflected in social protection design and evaluation in diverse country contexts. This work aims to contribute to policy dialogues on social protection, vulnerability and poverty, and ultimately to improve social protection policies and programmes.

A package of resources on gender, vulnerability and social protection were released as outputs of this research project. The package includes:

  • Country case studies from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru and Viet Nam.
  • A background note and regional paper on Latin America.
  • Country-specific background notes from Indonesia and Viet Nam.
  • A synthesis working paper and briefing paper
  • A briefing paper on political economy
  • A toolkit
  • Finally, a conceptual framework 

    Our partners:

    • Brazil: Fabio Veras and Elydia Silva, UNDP IPC-IG
    • Ethiopia: Dr Tassew Woldehanna, Department of Economics, Addis Ababa University
    • India: Dr Nidhi Sadana, Indian Institute of Dalit Studies
    • Indonesia: Sirojuddin Arif, SMERU Research Institute
    • Ghana: Christiana Amuzu, Independent Consultant 
    • Mexico: Paola Pereznieto, Independent Consultant  
    • Peru: Rosana Vagas, Independent Consultant
    • Vietnam: Dr Tran Van Anh, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Family and Gender Studies


Rebecca Holmes; Jen Morgan,

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