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Methodologies and approaches


Our Gender Equality and Social Inclusion team provides research advice, support and mentoring and undertakes mixed methods research, including operations research and impact evaluations. We make use of innovative approaches such as participatory photography and Sensemaker and our team are recognised as experts in qualitative methods. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have developed pioneering best practice guidance in remote research with adolescents.

Through GAGE we have substantial experience in longitudinal cohort studies. In addition to primary research, we have a track record in systematic, rigorous and rapid evidence reviews on topics as diverse as media approaches to address gender norm change, the efficacy of girls’ clubs to promote empowerment and projects to promote positive masculinities for adolescent boys and young men.

We also identify priorities and develop conceptual frameworks, advise donors, multilateral bodies and NGOs on strategic engagement, and convene high-level networks to support in the development of relevant, impactful and evidence based gender equality agendas.