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Gender and youth livelihoods programming in Africa: building knowledge to improve practice

This research project explores the gendered dimensions of youth livelihoods programming, with a focus on interventions supporting access to employment or entrepreneurship opportunities for young people in Sub-Saharan Africa. In particular, the report analyses existing evidence of the extent to which these interventions are tailored to deal with gendered barriers to entering and progressing in formal and informal work.

It includes an analysis of primary research conducted on a selection of programmes implemented in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, to learn how gender-based barriers have been identified and whether the measures put in place to counteract such barriers have shown results.

This research utilised a multi-method approach, including a comprehensive examination of primary and secondary literature on gender, education, employment and livelihoods in Africa; qualitative data collection in Tanzania and Uganda; and remote interviews of key informants.


Caroline Harper, Paola Pereznieto, Rachel Marcus, Matthew Maclure and Nandini Archer, with Anna Mdee

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