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Gatsby I evaluation of Tanzanian cotton sector

Initiated in September 2007, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Tanzanian Cotton Sector Development Programme aims to double the output and income of 400,000 producers through three main pillars: contract farming, conservation agriculture and seed research and development.

ODI is evaluating the programme to date in Mara and a baseline study in the remainder of the WCGA. During May 2011, the conceptual framework will be developed and missions to both study areas will identify and select groups of participants and non-participants for inclusion in the study. This will lead on to the design of instruments and methodologies for both qualitative and quantitative surveys in June/July (qualitative pre-survey) and August/September 2011. In addition to inputting into the design process of both surveys, ODI will construct a conceptual framework around livelihood and enterprise development, political economy and value chain upgrading.

Christopher Coles

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