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Future Agricultures Consortium

Future Agricultures Consortium is an Africa-based alliance of research organisations seeking to provide timely, high-quality and independent information and advice to improve agricultural policy and practice in Africa.

The Future Agricultures Consortium has recently instituted a new regional, Africa-centred structure to support its research and policy engagement activities, with new ‘hubs’ in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa to complement the existing office in the UK. Find out more at the Future Agricultures website.

The Consortium involves over 90 senior researchers and post-graduate students from leading African and UK institutions working with a wide range of partners. The consortium aims to encourage dialogue and the sharing of good practice by policy makers and opinion formers in Africa on the role of agriculture in broad based growth. Collectively we offer a responsive mode of working, so we can engage with policy debates and issues as they arise.


Andrew Shepherd, Eva Ludi, Kay Sharp, Lidia Cabral

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