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Food Insecurity Measurement, Livelihoods Approaches and Policy: Applications in FIVIMS

The aim of this project is to produce a policy paper which outlines best practice in the use of livelihoods analysis in influencing policy issues in relation to food security and the measurement of hunger. It will aim to achieve four core objectives:

  1. Outline key elements of livelihoods approaches that are relevant to food insecurity measurement at the national, sub-national and international levels
  2. Identify practical experiences that demonstrate how livelihoods approaches to food insecurity measurement can lead to improved decision-making at the national level
  3. Explore how local livelihoods analysis can contribute to decision-making concerning food insecurity and poverty reduction
  4. Draw out lessons for FIVIMS on what it can do to maximise the opportunities presented by livelihoods approaches regarding food insecurity measurement


  • Rachel Slater

    SLRC Project Research Director/Research Fellow Social Protection