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Establishing a Knowledge Management System for African Humanitarian Action

This is a collaborative project with African Humanitarian Action to help to establish knowledge and learning practices. The project assists AHA to develop a framework for improving knowledge management and learning across its country offices. It is expected that through the application of knowledge management principles, AHA would be able to make better use of its existing knowledge base, as well as develop simple processes and procedures that foster knowledge creation and learning. The project uses a participatory knowledge audit approach involving workshops for AHA staff, interviews and an e-discussion group. As part of the process, AHA hosted a workshop on KM for other NGOs based in Addis and further afield, and form an African NGO KM Community of Practice.

The project demonstrates:

  1. How knowledge and learning principles and tools can be used to improve the use of knowledge within Southern humanitarian NGOs;

  2. The ways in which the delivery of humanitarian assistance and services can be made more efficient and effective through improved learning and knowledge management;

  3. Understand how ODI knowledge is currently and can be incorporated into the knowledge systems of Southern NGOs;

  4. Understanding of the capacity-building activities necessary for 1, 2 and 3;

  5. The potential demand for KM advisory services among African NGOs.