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Equity and Social Policy

What we do

Leading research, analysis and informed policy debate on poverty, inequality and the role of social policy.

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The CSW67 resources hub highlights emerging research into how digital and gender-transformative education can empower women and girls everywhere.
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The team

  1. Gender-responsive social protection post Covid-19

    Journal issue/article

  2. Extending Social Protection to Migrant Workers: Exploratory Research and Policy Dialogue in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries


  3. Social protection and forcibly displaced people: a literature review

    Literature reviews

  4. Official development assistance financing for social protection: lessons from the Covid-19 response

    Working papers

  5. ‘Every action counts’: why the humanitarian sector needs to fast-track inclusion

  6. Addressing the protection gap in Greece

  7. Social protection response to Covid-19 and beyond: emerging evidence and learning for future crises

    Working papers

  8. Looking back to move forward: Education pathways out of the pandemic

  9. Pathways towards quality primary education: improving completion and learning outcomes

    Research reports

  10. Covid-19: crisis as opportunity for urban cash transfers?

    Working papers

  11. Social protection provisions to refugees during the Covid-19 pandemic: lessons learned from government and humanitarian responses

    Working papers

  12. National cash transfer responses to Covid-19: operational lessons learned for social protection system-strengthening and future shocks

    Working papers

  13. Have social protection responses to Covid-19 undermined or supported gender equality? Emerging lessons from a gender perspective

    Working papers

  14. A Political Economy Analysis Framework for EdTech Evidence Uptake

    Working papers

  15. ‘Leave no one behind’ indices 2020

    Working papers

  16. What do we know about the subjective and intangible factors that shape migration decision-making?

    Working papers

  17. ‘Leave no one behind’ – five years into Agenda 2030: guidelines for turning the concept into action

    Research reports

  18. Social protection in Lebanon: a review of social assistance

    Research reports

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