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Equity and Social Policy

What we do

Leading research, analysis and informed policy debate on poverty, inequality and the role of social policy.

Projections on Sustainable Development Goals and 70th Anniversary of the United Nations

WEF 2023: Rethinking policy for a new era of poverty

What does it mean to be poor nowadays? The pandemic did much more than increase poverty - it is forcing us to rethink how we perceive, measure and fight it.
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The team

  1. Social protection responses to forced displacement in Colombia


  2. Quick wins aren’t the way to coherence between social protection and humanitarian assistance in Cameroon

  3. Basic needs and wellbeing in displacement settings: the role of humanitarian assistance and social protection

    Working papers

  4. Social protection responses to forced displacement in Colombia

    Research reports

  5. Integrating assistance to the displaced into a social protection system in Cameroon. An ideal, but in whose interests?

    Research reports

  6. Humanitarian assistance and social protection in contexts of forced displacement: effects on social cohesion

    Research reports

  7. Linking social protection and humanitarian assistance: A toolkit to support social cohesion in displacement settings


  8. Humanitarian assistance and social protection responses to the forcibly displaced in Greece

    Research reports

  9. Advancing an equitable G20 response to Covid-19: A measurement perspective

  10. Monitoring G20 contributions to global Covid-19 vaccine equity: issues and options

    Briefing/policy papers

  11. Advancing an equitable G20 health response to Covid-19


  12. Inclusive, sustainable economic transformation: An analysis of trends and trade-offs

    Working papers

  13. Gender-responsive social protection post Covid-19

    Journal issue/article

  14. Extending social protection to migrant workers in the Gulf


  15. Social protection and forcibly displaced people: a literature review

    Literature reviews

  16. ODI Nexus


  17. Official development assistance financing for social protection: lessons from the Covid-19 response

    Working papers

  18. ‘Every action counts’: why the humanitarian sector needs to fast-track inclusion

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