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EdTech - technology for education

EdTech Hub is a global research partnership supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and the World Bank. The partnership's goal is to empower the people making decisions about technology in education. EdTech Hub works across five focus areas that technology could support: girls’ education, teacher professional development, promoting participation, personalised learning and improving data collection, analysis and planning to improve learning outcomes. ODI works across all parts of the Hub, with a specific focus on research and Measurement, Evaluation, Learning, and Adapting.

EdTech Hub was established to tackle the problem of a lack of clear evidence. Technology has the potential to help address the global learning crisis, but that potential is not being realised. Policymakers and other decision-makers face an overwhelming choice of technology solutions, are unclear on what works and what doesn’t and are forced to make decisions based on low or no evidence.

EdTech Hub, undertakes rigorous academic research and gives evidence-based advice about how to use technology in education. With EdTech Hub’s help decision-makers inside and outside government can make clear, evidence-based policy decisions to achieve maximum impact.

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