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Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Hero image description: A clipboard and ruler from '10 things to know about evaluation'. Image: ODI.

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) delivers a core part of the evidence base for development programming. However, often this evidence comes too late or is geared only towards accountability which means that teams and organisations are not using M&E data themselves and thus, are not learning from it.

Regaining the balance between accountability and learning, and making sure that M&E evidence is used and useful for the teams and programmes is one of the key aims of our work. We work with non-governmental organisations, consultancy firms, research institutes as well as bi-lateral donors and foundations to improve their practices around monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL).  

Digital technologies offer the potential to massively increase the evidence base from monitoring and evaluation activities but only if used with full consideration of their technical and ethical limitations. Behavioural science provides critical insights into how we use evidence to make decisions and how we can create more effective MEL systems and processes. We conduct applied research into how we can harness the power of digitalisation and create a better understanding of human behaviour into our ongoing work on the politics of decision-making, adaptive management, and systems thinking.