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DFID Systematic Review - Employment Creation in Fragile States

There is increasing focus on evidence-informed decision making with the recognition that better informed decisions increase impact and value for money, including in DFID’s White Paper 4.  Basing policy and practice decisions on the body of evidence helps to ensure that decisions are as well informed as possible. However, there is a gap in the provision of a systematic and unbiased assessment of development evidence to policy professionals. The goal of DFID’s Systematic Review programme is to provide policy makers and practitioners with a robust assessment of the evidence base as they develop policies and programmes.

ODI has been commissioned to conduct a systematic review for the following question developed by DFID policy makers: "What is the evidence of the impact of employment creation on a) stability and b) poverty reduction in fragile states?"

The review will follow established systematic review methodology and be of both the highest academic quality and policy relevant.


Jessica Hagen-Zanker; Rebecca Holmes; Chris Coles