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Development of operational guidance and standard operating procedures for cash-based interventions

Operational trends have triggered renewed consideration of how UNHCR can best maximise the potential for using cash-based interventions.

A focus on seeking alternatives to refugee camps, and the increasingly urban nature of displacement crises, require effective ways of reaching out to those in need of protection and assistance. In this context, UNHCR has adopted a pro-active approach to the use and scaling-up of cash-based interventions in its operations, and published “An Introduction to Cash-based Interventions in UNHCR Operations”.

The aim of this consultancy is to develop multi-sectoral, operational guidance for UNHCR on setting up and achieving protection and assistance goals through cash-based interventions in displacement settings. It also seeks to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for UNHCR for cash-based interventions.


Jennifer Benson

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