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Development of a Conceptual Framework for HIV/AIDS in Emergencies


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Study being carried out in collaboration with WFP and funded by UNAIDS, to develop a better understanding of the various emergency settings and their implications for HIV/AIDS.
Outputs delivered by the project include:

  • A final report addressing issues including, but not limited to:
    • A comprehensive overview and analysis of literature and research documents
    • A thorough analysis of knowledge gaps, based upon currently available information
    • A detailed analysis of all findings and data from field work undertaken for this project.
    • The development of a typology of emergency settings and their impact on HIV/AIDS, to enhance understanding of interactions between HIV/AIDS and humanitarian emergency situations.
    • The development of an overarching analytical framework that will help to guide future work on HIV/AIDS in emergencies and identifies areas of need for further research activities.
  • A Country brief, summarising key findings from each field work activity, per each country in which field work will be carried out.
  • At least 3 stakeholder meetings to facilitate input from other interested agencies.


Karen Proudlock, Fiona Samuels

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