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Development co-operation and climate change adaptation

The OECD Declaration on Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation was adopted by Development and Environment Ministers in April 2006. The Declaration calls upon the OECD ‘to promote meaningful co-ordination and sharing of good practices on integrating climate change in development co-operation’. A DAC/Environet-EPOC/GSP Task Team was established to carry out this task.

Guidelines on how to incorporate climate change adaptation into development co-operation are currently being prepared and are expected to be finalised by summer 2008. These will provide guidance to both development partners and national governments in developing countries on how to incorporate climate change adaptation concerns into policy and development operations. The Guidelines will be structured according to five levels of governance: national, sectoral, project, urban/municipal and rural/community level.

The OECD Secretariat servicing the DAC-EPOC Task Team has approached ODI for support to the refinement and finalisation of the Guidelines. The assignment requires the completion of the following tasks:

  • Helping to incorporate additional comments received by the Secretariat.
  • Further refining the existing chapters, notably with a view to elaborating the potential for donor interventions to support the integration of CC adaptation options; this would include identifying the potential for supporting adaptation indirectly through programmes or activities not specifically directed towards this objective.
  • Helping develop further the chapters that detail integrating climate change adaptation at the ‘urban/municipal level’ and ‘rural/community level’.
  • Helping to identify and fill gaps and/or additional critical issues which need to be covered.


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