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Multidisciplinary research and analytical work

We have applied economic, political and social analysis in innovative ways, using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to examine: aid effectiveness; aid modalities; development financing; and public finance management system diagnostics.

We approach our work from three main angles:

  • Stakeholders: we review and analyse the roles of key development stakeholders, such as recipient and donor governments, donor agencies, civil society organisations and the private sector. Our work aims to increase understanding of the interactions between these actors, how they affect the delivery of aid and how synergies among them can be promoted to improve development outcomes.
  • Sector: our objective is to assess the achievements made on specific sectors such as public finance, infrastructure and social sectors, to identify key output gaps and propose strategies to bridge resources and needs.
  • Country: we seek to develop our team's knowledge and understanding of specific country contexts through in-country research, working with local consultants and researchers. Our objective is to conduct practical research that leads to actionable recommendations to foster economic and social development in developing countries. We also aim to draw on good practices and support south-south dialogue and experience sharing.