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Effective dissemination, communication and training

Hero image description: Tajikistan Parliament. Tajikistan. Flickr, Gennadiy Ratushenko / World Bank

We have developed a range of tools and channels to effectively disseminate our work effectively to a wide range of audiences in the international development community.

We deliver communications and dissemination strategies, to share results from research (including policy recommendations) and strengthen the capacity of institutions in communicating to target audiences. We are engaged in international thinking and debates on key issues on the delivery of aid, and organise and participate in major international events shaping the thinking behind the future of aid and public finance management reform.

We provide training programmes to improve the use of good practice in the following areas: public finance management including budget management at central and sector levels; training for senior policy staff to prepare and monitor poverty reduction strategy programmes; and political economy analysis through the ‘Drivers of Change’ approach.