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Development and Public Finance

What we do

Research and advisory work on how governing bodies can best use their scarce resources to support prosperous and fairer societies.

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UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt has ruled out any increase to the UK aid budget in the next five years. This blog argues that the UK government should put in place a credible commitment to aid spending that it feels it can meet, not a legislative target devalued by fiscal gimmickry.

Public finance and service delivery working paper series

Past events


BudgetByte #2: can agile procurement and digital transformation improve spending outcomes?

This webinar explores the relationship between agile procurement and digital transformation as levers for delivering on government priorities and better public spending outcomes.
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Navigating the poly-crisis: 2023 ODI Public Finance Conference

This conference examines the trade-offs facing finance ministries as they navigate the 'poly-crisis', drawing on the latest research and international experiences.
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The unintended effects of foreign aid: Should donors avoid, accept or act on them?

This webinar explores the range of unintended effects that can arise in aid relations and initiatives, and provides advice on how donors might tackle them.
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Digital Public Finance Hub

Our team

How we work

  • Strengthening macroeconomic stability

    Supporting policy-makers, national governments and other stakeholders to make informed decisions on quality investments and strengthening institutions, while championing mechanisms to more effectively manage debt and avoid debt distress.

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  • Efficient and equitable public services

    Bringing together different communities and knowledge to improve understanding of appropriate public finance to support service delivery, and supporting policy-makers in the design and implementation of public finance policies.

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  • Building more capable bureaucracies

    Promoting sound public financial management, supporting countries’ finance ministries and reflecting on ODI’s own technical advisory work.

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  • More effective tax systems

    Understanding the ways in which governments can mobilise domestic resources in more sustainable and equitable ways, exploring the linkages between taxation and inclusive growth, and supporting the creation of evidence-based, inclusive tax policy-making processes.

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  • Using public funds to mobilise private capital

    Understanding the potential and limitations of blended finance, and supporting the development of more effective blended finance approaches, while also assessing the role and development of national development banks.

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  • Making international public finance more effective

    Building understanding of how to maximise the impact of international public finance and to reform its architecture

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Public finance and development round-ups

Latest work

  1. Think Change episode 31: what do borrowing countries think of MDB reform?

  2. How can MDBs be more responsive to borrower clients and citizens? Improving the operational model


  3. Strengthening MDBs: the triple agenda


  4. National budget trends in East Africa: navigating an uncertain recovery

  5. How bad is the fiscal squeeze?

  6. MDBs can drive transformative change – now the G20 must inject urgency and sustain its support

  7. Looking back, looking forward: Global South perspectives on the BRI


  8. Maximising the developmental value of MDB callable capital


  9. The unintended effects of foreign aid: Should donors avoid, accept or act on them?


  10. Maximising the developmental value of MDB callable capital


  11. Development finance institutions must seize the opportunity at the Finance in Common Summit

  12. In Southern Africa, national budget trends are under debt distress

  13. Digital public finance: top trends in July 2023

  14. BudgetByte #1: What did we learn from our first Hub webinar?

  15. Unpacking the real value of data for public finance

  16. Digital public finance: top trends in June 2023

  17. Navigating the poly-crisis: 2023 ODI Public Finance Conference


  18. Climate-smart reform of multilateral development banks: priorities for the G20

    Briefing/policy papers

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