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Developing a Gender Policy for the GAVI Alliance

The development of a Gender Policy for the GAVI Alliance entailed:

  • A synthesis of existing evidence regarding links between gender and immunisation and health service strengthening, and identification of research gaps and future research directions to strengthen the business case
  • Assessment of the current gender perspective and practices within the GAVI Alliance through an online questionnaire, online discussion forum and in-person individual and group consultations
  • A review (combining desktop analysis and interviews) of GAVI Alliance partners’ approaches to gender and gender mainstreaming action plans, especially in the health field, so as to ensure that GAVI’s policy is complementary and value-added
  • Development of a holistic gender policy for the GAVI Alliance so that it can play a catalytic role in furthering gender equality outcomes
  • Development of an implementation strategy and action plan with regard to the GAVI Alliance’s external work (programming, policy design and advocacy, country and CSO support, communications, financing and fundraising) and internal functioning (human resource capacities, resource allocation decision-making, workplace satisfaction, organisational structure).


Cora Walsh, Kent Buse

Supported by

  1. Gender and immunisation: Abridged report

    Research report