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Conference on Reframing the social dimensions of HIV in a biomedicalised epidemic

The conference will facilitate new modes and approaches of working with HIV by extending conceptions of ‘the social’ to those in prevention policy and in treatment. At the same time, it will provide an opportunity for social scientists already active in broadening conceptions of the social in HIV to come together.  The one-day event will have an international focus with participants from Northern America, Europe, Australia and Sub Saharan Africa. 

The conference will have a number of outputs:

Journal article/Think piece on key points from the workshop for eg Sexuality, Health and Culture, AIDS, AIDS Education and Prevention, Social Science & Medicine, Biosocieties, Sociology of Health and Illness.   

A poster or paper for the next International AIDS Conference 2010

Briefing Paper briefer version of journal article for a less academic and more policy focused audience.  Available through participant organisation websites.

Proposal for collaborative research – discussion generated through the workshop will provide the basis for a research proposal aimed at pursuing workshop outcomes. 


Supported by

  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF)


  • National AIDS Manual (NAM)