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Climate change impacts on agriculture and adaptation responses

A series of five outputs produced under a small project for the Renewable Natural Resources and Agriculture Team of the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The objective of the project was to identify the implications of climate change for key areas of DFID's Agricultural Policy and the Renewable Natural Resources and Agriculture (RNRA) Team portfolio and to produce a series of practical outputs to assist the RNRA team in programme implementation and communication. The five papers are:

  • A rough guide to climate change and agriculture, which summarises the current state of the evidence from climate change modelling studies.
  • A review of DFID's agriculture policy in the context of the current understanding of the impacts of climate change on agriculture.
  • Agricultural growth and climate change – the implications of climate change for different agricultural development policies and how donor policies might be adjusted to respond to these implications.
  • Agricultural trade, markets and investment – the scenarios for agricultural trade at international/regional levels under different climate change scenarios to understand potential implications for agricultural and trade policy as a result of climate change. It also looks at how investment in agriculture might change as a result of increasing concern over climate change.
  • Climate change impacts on access to agricultural and water assets in developing countries.

Relationships between agriculture and climate change mitigation are also being considered.


Leo Peskett, Eva Ludi, David Brown