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Climate Change and Youth

This research links CC human development impacts to adaptation strategies with a focus on youth, the cohort most immediately affected in the medium term and one especially motivated to take action.   The research seeks to identify what pro-poor, low carbon and adaptation oriented employment and training opportunities would best equip this cohort to meet the challenges of CC, thereby also highlighting the impact of CC upon youth livelihoods.

Globally, over 1.5 billion people are aged 10-24. Investment in this cohort’s socio-economic potential and productivity alongside increasing their CC awareness is a win win strategy.

This scoping study will draw on desk based literature review and in-country qualitative research linked to the Social Development programme's DFID-funded youth-led real time monitoring research based in Vietnam, Ghana and Mozambique.


  • Caroline Harper

    Director, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion programme, Principal Research Fellow

Jessica Espey

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