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China and global development: bi-monthly round-up blogs

In a bi-monthly blog, Linda Calabrese rounds up the latest reads on all things China and global development. Catch up on all the blogs from the series below.
You can also find out more about our work on China or our International Economic Development Group programme

Our latest round-up blogs

Six things to read and listen to in January 2021

Top things to read and listen to this month on China and global development.

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Ten things to read and watch in November

The fifth plenary session, the dual circulation strategy and China’s pledge to achieve carbon neutrality.

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Eight things to read in September

Lending and finance, domestic development, and China's relations with Africa and Europe.

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12 things to read and watch in July

How Covid-19 affects China’s role in the global economy, Chinese debt to developing countries, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and more.

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10 things to read in April

The Covid-19 pandemic in China and beyond; China-South Asia relations; resource-backed loans and bonus readings.

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Nine things to read in February

The economic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak; the China-trade-industrialisation nexus; the country's role as a development partner, and more.

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