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Childwatch & Child Rights

This research will produce a background paper to inform a major conference (Child Rights at a Crossroads Conference) co-inciding with the 20th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Where policy makers, civil servants, researchers, young people and practitioners are invited to present their experiences working towards realisatoin of the UNCRC, whilst also analyzing and discussing the role of research in the development of policies and practices. Through this dialogue the aim is to create a more relevant knowledge base for future child rights strategies that safeguard children’s rights.

A second document, a draft outcome document, will also be designed to develop a set of evidence-based recommendations for discussion as to what policy makers, UN agencies, academic institutions, development agencies and NGOs should do to secure that future child rights strategies are based on solid evidence. lt is envisaged that this document will be used for high-Ievel advocacy purposes among international agencies and national governments.


  • Caroline Harper

    Director, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion programme, Principal Research Fellow