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CAADP success stories: the impact of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme to induce the necessary change to achieve the 6 and 10% targets

There is a common framework for putting in place the policies and the capabilities for achieving higher economic growth through agriculture-led development. The framework has three components: improvements at the country level in policies and investment levels; greater co-ordination and purpose from development partners; and enhanced learning and collaboration between African countries. This framework for more and better directed finance and for stronger development impact targets an increase in public agricultural investment to 10% of national budgets per year and a 6% increase in agricultural productivity per year.

The link between the strategic framework and the achievement of these targets is what is termed ‘the five core strategic functions’ of CAADP.  These are the mechanisms that link strategic objectives to the intended target outcomes.

The assignment will examine the nature of each linking mechanism, and the progress being achieved in each, in order to demonstrate the contribution that CAADP is making to agricultural development. In identifying measures of progress and impact for each link, the intention is to test and apply these at the country level and thereby establish a form of monitoring that could be applied in future surveys of successful intervention.


John Howell, Berhanu Adenew, Daniel Sarpong, Serge Rwamasirabo