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Building climate-resilient cities in the Eastern Caribbean through enhanced urban planning knowledge

As a result of climate change, the Eastern Caribbean is facing more storms, droughts, flooding, sea level rise and widespread impacts on society, particularly in the densely-populated coastal urban areas. This project worked to deepen the skill base for climate-resilient urban planning in the region.

Key achievements included:

  • Design and development of an integrated course on urban planning and climate resilience for students and professionals in the Eastern Caribbean.

  • Delivery of a free pilot Tailored Open Online Course (TOOC) in May-June 2022. The course was vastly oversubscribed, with more than 220 applicants for 51 places. 95% of course participants rated the course good, very good or excellent. The OECS Commission and University of Technology Jamaica are now exploring how they can offer the taught course to many more participants in the future.

  • A photo competition that produced an array of stories in words and images from members of the public, with testimonials from the winning photographers in a special celebratory online event.
Resilient seafront in Georgetown
The Caribbean is on the front line of climate change, with 80% of the population projected to live in coastal cities by 2050. Transformational adaption is needed, especially in these cities. As our policy briefs (in English and French) explain, this will rely upon innovative solutions, integrated planning and multifunctional responses.

Building climate-resilient cities in the Eastern Caribbean

This animation (with French subtitles) describes the climate risks facing the Eastern Caribbean. It celebrates what the project achieved and how viewers can access courses to strengthen their skills for climate resilience in Caribbean cities.

Knowledge for resilience: a small island state perspective

H.E. Sylvanie Burton, Permanent Secretary to the Government of Dominica, discusses the role of knowledge and education in preparing people and communities to be more resilient.

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Caribbean breakwater

Resilient Caribbean Cities Photo competition

Winners of the Resilient Caribbean Cities photo competition discuss the stories and inspiration behind their entries.

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