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Budget Support, Aid Instruments and the Environment – the Kenyan Context

The purpose of this country study for Kenya is basically to add a fifth country to the analytical work prepared by ODI in our Budget Support, Aid Instruments and the Environment study as well as provide specific information for the process of formulating the next phase of Danish Environmental Sector Programme Support for Kenya.

The study will analyse and document experience and best practice in transferring environmental priorities from national plans to budgets, and through into government implementation plans. In addition, the study will identify how donors can facilitate and support such processes within the context of increasing budget support, and the use of other aid instruments.

The primary audience will be government officials in Kenya and their environment/natural resources counterparts in donor agencies. The secondary audience will be non-environment specialists (Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Planning). The recipient of the Study will be the Environmental Donor Coordination Group (EDCG) in Kenya.