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Bridging Research and Policy (GDN)

A participatory 6-month process to develop a bridging programme to improve linkages between development research and policy. The process continued the discussions started at the Global Development Network conference in Tokyo (December 2000), and continued at the workshop on Bridging Research and Policy in Warwick (July 2001), to develop fundable proposals with wide ownership. The process included:

  • Identifying a group of individuals to collaborate on preparing detailed proposals from drafts produced at the Warwick workshop.
  • A Desk study review of other initiatives seeking to strengthen research-policy linkages.
  • Drafting and discussion of drafts by e-mail and in a web-based conference.
  • Preliminary discussions with Donors.
  • Discussions with the Global Development Network in Washington.
  • Web-based discussion of drafts by Donors and Supporters.
  • Presentation of final proposal at GDN Conference in Rio

The final bridging programme will engage individuals and organisations involved in development policy, implementation and research in a wide range of activities including research, networking and capacity-building, designed to add value to existing initiatives in this area.