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As evaluation is used more widely, evaluators,practitioners and those who commission and manage evaluations are concerned withthe appropriate selection and implementation of evaluation. However,there are few sources of comprehensive information about evaluation techniques,with adequate guidance about how to select and implement the appropriatemethod.

BetterEvaluation is an internationalcollaboration designed to support practitioners to share their knowledge andexperience in choosing and using evaluation methods. At the heart of theproject is an interactive web-based platform about evaluation methods andapproaches that supports evaluators and evaluation commissioners to choose themost appropriate combinations of evaluation approaches and methods, and toimplement these methods well.

Surrounding this is a network of collaborators,users and partner organizations who co-create the content by sharinginformation and examples from their experience with specific evaluationmethods, by linking to other resources about evaluation methods and approaches,by conducting special events such as webinars, demonstrations and write-shops,and by conducting research and development projects on specific evaluationmethods.

ODI is receiving funding from RMIT University to helpimplement this project in partnership with RMIT, Pact and ILAC (theInstitutional Learning and Change initiative of the Consultative Group onInternational Agricultural Research).


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