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Bangladesh: Improving local capacity to adapt Safety Net Programmes to Climate Change

The project supports the Government of Bangladesh in adjusting and adapting selected safety net programs to respond to climate change, in both rural and urban areas. The project seeks to re-design safety nets in Bangladesh in ways that would increase their benefit for poor and vulnerable households coping with disasters and climate change.  The project will contribute to reducing risk and increasing resilience of both rural and urban households through the development of new and adaptation of existing safety net instruments.

The project would explores ways to contribute to the disaster sensitive adaptation of existing safety net programs (e.g. Food For Work, Gratuitous Relief, Test Relief, Vulnerable Group Development Program and Vulnerable Group Feeding), as well as to the identification of potential new instruments.

The project would be a multi-year effort that uses studies and consultations strategically to contribute to improving the disaster-responsiveness of selected programs.  Because of the repeating occurrence of disasters in Bangladesh (as evident in 2007), the project would be structured to respond flexibly to both needs (disasters) and demands (from governments, and others) to advance the main objectives of the project and is therefore programmatic in its approach.

ODI has been contracted to provide two main products in support of this project.  Both of these products will contribute to the overall goal of strengthening the capacity of the Government of Bangladesh to develop and refine social protection programs in relation to disasters and climate change.


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