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Assistance in Preparing an EPA (ACP Briefing Paper on Developing Countries)

The general objective of the briefing paper is to give an orientation to the ACP countries with regards to investment within the framework of the EPA negotiations with a developing country perspective. In particular the briefing paper will:   Give a concise definition and background information on  investment; Place the issue within the context of multilateral trade, and the current Doha Development Agenda;Give a brief overview on how investment is treated in recently concluded North-South FTAs, especially those signed by the EU; Indicate the national effects of including investment provisions in an eventual EPA with the EU in an eventual EPA with the EU for the ACP countries Indicate the possible regional implications of including investment in an eventual EPA with the EU for the ACP countries; Explain the rationale (if any) for the ACP countries of committing to EPA obligations with the EU alongside national and regional laws on investment, Provide a bibliography of useful and accessible resources.