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AID, PRSPs and Development: Towards Stronger Japan-UK Linkages

This new initiative focuses on the latest thinking and practice in aid policy in the UK - with the aim to increase interaction between researchers in Japan and the UK. Japan remains the second largest aid donor yet surprisingly little is known about the work of its development agencies, institutes and NGOs. Over the next few months, ODI will be (i) synthesizing work on PRSPs; aid modalities; aid harmonisation; and (ii) encouraging dialogue between UK and Japanese researchers on these issues.

Japan and the UK are both major players in international development policy and substantial providers of development assistance. Both also have considerable research capacity on issues relevant to international development and different comparative advantages. In both countries, researchers are very much involved in policy work, via public meetings, agency and parliamentary briefings and dissemination through print materials and websites. The policies they work on are often international in scope and would benefit from collaboration - for example, debt relief cannot be achieved without support from both countries.

Amongst others, the initiative will focus on:

  • Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs)
  • Direct Budget Support (DBS)
  • Aid transaction costs and harmonisation
  • The Africa Commission
  • Drivers of Change

The initiative will build a network to discuss these pressing aid policy issues, share the latest research findings and develop 'policy code-sharing' * between the two countries. Please let us know if you are working on these issues and are interested in being involved.