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Agricultural markets in chronic conflict and post-conflict reconstruction

The need to enhance agricultural markets and expand the role of the private sector as part of agricultural rehabilitation is widely recognised, but three key issues remain problematic at a practical level: (i) how to effect the ‘transition’ from donor-funded, supply-driven input distribution projects to a market-based, demand-driven service delivery system; (ii) how to promote agricultural markets to ensure that farmers have the necessary incentive to increase production; and (iii) how to provide food aid in such a way that this does not potentially present a disincentive to agricultural production and commodity markets by lowering local grain prices.

The project approach

Using an ‘action research’ approach, whereby research is carried out alongside a project as it is being implemented on the ground, this HGP project will determine how markets for agricultural inputs and products can be supported effectively and in a sustainable way in post-conflict situations. This will include clarification of the roles of the private and public sectors, donors, humanitarian agencies, agricultural research institutes and others in promoting agricultural markets in chronic emergencies.


Paul Harvey, Sara Pantuliano, Kevin Savage