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Advancing Integration

Governments and NGOs know that not all risks associated with disasters, environment and climate change can be predicted, prevented or managed. Yet they frequently undermine development progress. Understanding how risks are accounted for in the intricacy of aid spending is really important to ensure development aid is both effective and sustainable in a changing risk context. In recognition of this, the Australian government partnered with ODI to find ways to improve how development professionals and decision-makers integrate disaster risk reduction, environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation (known here as ‘DEC integration’) in their daily activities.

Informed by evidence from Viet Nam, Kiribati, Vanuatu and South Asia, a set of tailor-made tools and handbooks were created. These products help policy makers and programme managers to improve their decision-making by integrating DEC.

Here you will find an interactive map of our journey where you can download evidence, analysis and practical guidance to support your own efforts to integrate DEC. 


Guy Jobbins, Emily Wilkinson, Aditya Bahadur, Natasha Grist, Louise Shaxton, Elizabeth Carabine, Tom Mitchell, Rachel Slater, Emma Lovell, Andrew Scott, Emily Brickell, Nina Becker, Miren Gutierrez

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  1. 1. Existing knowledge

    Research report

  2. 2. How to measure progress

    Research report

  3. 3. The case of Vanuatu

    Research report

  4. 4. The case of Viet Nam

    Research report

  5. 5. A spotlight on South Asia

    Research report

  6. 6. A spotlight on Kiribati

    Research report

  7. 7. A how-to handbook

    Research report

  8. 8. Reflections and lessons

    Research report