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A study on social exclusion and its impacts on children in Pakistan

The overall aim of the project is to produce a comprehensive picture of social exclusion and its impacts on child deprivation in Pakistan. The underlying concern is that social exclusion factors are at the heart of deprivations and prevent  communities and families from accessing income opportunities, social services and participating in political and social institutions with resultant child ill being outcomes. This project will explore the extent and manner in which children are affected by social exclusion.

The main aim of this research therefore is to enhance the understanding of social exclusion and its relationship with child deprivation and vulnerability. Social exclusion theory and practice can thus explain, as well as describe, poverty and social deprivations.

This project aims to provide a more holistic understanding of the dynamics and drivers of child deprivation across multiple dimensions to enhance UNICEF’s advisory capacity and social service delivery and social protection. The project investigates, as far as possible, the situation of child social exclusion and the factors that contribute to its extent and severity.


Maja Gavrilovic, Paola Pereznieto, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, David Walker

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